The WVU Order of Augusta and the WVU Foundation Outstanding Seniors programs were established to honor West Virginia University's most distinguished graduating seniors. These recognition programs were established in 1995 by the WVU Foundation, Inc. to commemorate its 40th anniversary of service to West Virginia University.


The name Augusta holds a traditional significance in the history of West Virginia. In 1739, the District of Augusta was created and included lands of Virginia west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, including land of what is now West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In 1745, Augusta became a county and in time became known as the District of West Augusta. Following the American Revolution, the state of Virginia divided the large District of West Augusta into Ohio, Monongalia, and Youghiogheny Counties. Even though none of the counties retained Augusta as its name, the history of the once great county was not forgotten. When the West Virginia Constitutional Convention voted on the name for the new state, formed from Virginia, the name Augusta was one of four submitted choices, along with the eventual winner, West Virginia.

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West Virginia University students who meet ALL of the following qualifications are eligible to apply:


A Selection Committee will choose from among the applicants an estimated 1% of the graduating class as WVU Foundation Outstanding Seniors. Selections will not be based on GPA alone. The Committee will base its decision on all of the following:

From this class of WVU Foundation Outstanding Seniors, no more than 12 to 15 students will be invited to interview for induction into the WVU Order of Augusta. After the final selections are made, 6 to 8 students will be named as recipients of the WVU Order of Augusta.


The Committee is chaired by the Dean of Students and includes four members of the faculty appointed by the President of WVU.


The following should be completed as either a MS Word document or PDF file to be up-loaded to the on-line form submission.

Responses to the following questions

  1. Please list your name, degree and major, Hometown, Cumulative GPA
  2. List college activities and demonstrated leadership (include student government, sports, school publications, arts, exchange programs, tutoring, etc). Using a table/chart, list: College Activity, Dates, Offices Held, Average Number of Hours per Week. 
    1. Discuss one example of your effective leadership in one of the college activities described above.
  3. List service and community activities while an undergraduate student which were not required by your major, a service organization, or judicial sanctions (include projects with community organizations, environmental protection and conservation efforts, work with religious organizations, and summer activities). Do not repeat items listed previously. Using a table/chart, list: Activity, Dates, Offices Held, Average Number of Hours per Week.
  4. List part-time and full-time jobs, internships, and study abroad experience since high school graduation. Type of Work, Employer, Dates, Average Number of Hours per Week.
    1. Discuss how this experience has contributed to your overall development.
  5. List publications, presentations, awards, scholarships, or special recognition (honors, awards) you have received while an undergraduate student. Do not repeat items listed previously.
  6. Describe your most significant academic experiences at West Virginia University, other than GPA (not to exceed 250 words).
  7. Personal Goal Statement: What additional personal goals do you wish to share with the Selection Committee? You may wish to include a response to the question: Why should the Committee select you for this award? Do not repeat information already provided (not to exceed 250 words).
  8. Prepare a statement describing the value of your West Virginia University undergraduate experience. (This essay must not exceed 500 words in length and should be written in as simple and direct a manner as possible).

Two letters of reference

  1. One letter of reference from a faculty member who taught you in your major field of study and knows you well enough to evaluate your academic performance.
  2. One letter of reference from a faculty member, adviser, counselor, employer, or other individual (non-family member) who has a special relationship with you while an undergraduate at WVU. Please do not submit additional letters of reference. Letters of reference must be emailed to studentlife@mail.wvu.edu

All materials must be submitted no later than March 1, 2024

Questions or concerns? Please call 304-293-5811 or email StudentLife@mail.wvu.edu

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